Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Why I am Thinking About Running for the US Senate

I believe the following;

The two major parties have created a mess that will take massive work, luck and probably help from God to solve,

Most of our representatives in Congress have a hard time doing what is best for the country because of the pressure put on them by their campaign contributors, their party and other special interests,

Those representatives that don't "stick to the party line" are threatened with lesser committee assignments and denied support for their re-election campaigns,

A "third party" candidate can be a force for good in the current system since they can decide their own committee assignments and don't have to submit to control from the major parties,

A candidate who doesn't care if he/she is re-elected has the freedom to do what is right, even if it is temporarily unpopular,

A "real" person who has had to deal with the "real" problems that most citizens deal with is better suited to examine and find solutions to our national problems than career politicians are,

People need a different choice instead of the lesser of two evils that we are often presented with,

A person armed with character, honesty, courage, and understanding of the U.S Constitution and the concepts in the Declaration of Independence has all the necessary ability to be an outstanding Senator.

That is why I am considering running for the office of Senator of the Great State of Utah.

If you believe as I do, let me know.

Shaun McCausland

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  1. I will be using this blog to post principle based solutions to many of the perplexing problems we are facing as a nation and as a society. Hopefully some will think about them and share them if you agree that they are worthwhile. Thanks for reading.