Sunday, March 4, 2012

Announcing My Intention to Run for the US Senate as a Constitution Party Candidate from Utah

I have frankly tried to find a way to avoid running. It really takes too much time, money and emotion. Especially when I know there is an incredibly small chance of winning or even making a large difference. However, I believe that it is our responsibility to stand up for what we believe in and I am fairly certain that no one else is going to do that in this election. There are those opposing Mr. Hatch in the Republican Party, but their chances of unseating him are not as good as those who opposed Mr. Bennett two years ago. While Mr. Hatch speaks like a conservative, his voting record does not square with the Constitutional imperatives that I believe should be protected and defended.

I do not see myself as conservative or liberal, left-wing or right-wing. I simply attempt to be a principled, pragmatic Constitutionalist. That puts me at odds with some conservatives and many liberals. My thoughts on illegal immigration seem to offend extremists in both camps. It is similar with many other of my stands. I believe that, when we consider our unalienable rights, our duty to consider the rights of others to pursue happiness as well as their rights to life, liberty and property, we can usually find the right approach to legislate compassionately and minimally. We always need to try to serve the dual goals of justice and mercy. If we deny either, we either destroy the rule of law or ignore the growth and peace of our own souls and the souls of the citizenry.

I will post positions here over the next few weeks so people can see what I stand for. I reserve the right to alter or improve my statements if I can be shown the errors of my ways. I am not a politician and do not want to be. If I am wrong, I will find a better way. If I am unclear I will improve how I state what I believe. I want your input and your criticism. Even if I can't find a way to agree with you, your thoughts will challenge me to consider things and clarify what I think. Thank you for your input.

If you would like to help with my campaign or donate to the effort, please contact me at 435-668-7118.

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