Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Response to Deseret News article on Romneycare

I agree with Mr. Romney that health care is a State and local issue, not the domain of the Federal government. I do not agree with ANY government (including Massachusetts) mandating that I purchase anything. If I am a person who chooses not to use traditional medicine, then I receive no benefit from mandated insurance even though I end up having to pay for it or pay a fine. People use the example of auto insurance. Good example. If I choose not to drive, I don't have to purchase it. States can (and have) made the decision to provide (or require that providers do so) certain types of care such as emergency services regardless of ability to pay. That is where this debate needs to go. How much and what types of care should be provided either by state taxation of its citizens or by paying clients of hospitals and health care providers or by purchasers of health insurance? One or more of those will pay for it - whether they like it or not. We need to decide as communities what is fair and responsible. The Federal government should not be involved.

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